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RXR-JM200D rescue robot



Main parameters of RXR-JM200D rescue robot

Chassis parameter                                      

Weight (total mass)2400Kg              

Overall dimension: 2700*1500*2230 (including fan, but appurtenance is not included)

Running speed: 0-5Km/h or 0-12Km/h

Diesel fuel tank: 80L, hydraulic oil tank: 100L

Gradeability: slope or stair climbing 35°,  Static stable roll angle: 30°

Rescue function: excavating: bucket capacity 0.04M, smashing: frequency 800-1400BPMM, Weight caught by five claws: 200kg, etc.  

Chassis: ATV hydraulic rubber caterpillar chassis

Engine: Platinum turbocharged engine [email protected]

Ground clearance: 210mm

Obstacle Clearing Capability: 250mm

Operating mode: remote control 1000m, panel control


 Parameter of fire-extinguishing system 

Water cannon and foam monitor: US Akron 5177 or 3626, 80L/Swater60L/Sfoam

Smoke extraction system: 100000M3/H

Pitch angle: -5° -45°

Range: 90m (water), 55m (foam)  

Flow of water mist: 500L/m, Range: 70m

Crane / forklift: 500kg


Parameter of auxiliary system

Headlamp: front: 35W*2, rear: 15W*2

Hydraulic source supply: 40L/m210bar

Traction supply: 1900Kg

Winch traction: 1600kg

Optional Functions: camera shooting function, obstacle clearing function , external power supply, Ultra-high pressure hydraulic source