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Portable destroyer


JLHH-6000 portable destroyer adopts German advanced lock core destruction technology and high-quality stainless steel material, which is specially used to extract the lock core without damaging the structure of the door. The operation is simple and rapid, and can destroy the door lock core to open the security door in 2-3min, and the auxiliary tool can open more than 90% of various common anti-theft door locks.

Configuration: special special drill screw, lock cylinder remover, lock core cutter, reversing spanner, special electric drill for net loan, battery, charger, lock bolt rotator, rust removal lubricant, auxiliary tools, lockable waterproof and dustproof engineering plastic box

(1) Cordless drill:

Speed: One gear: 0-450 rpm; Second gear: 0-1400 rpm; Third gear: 0-1800 rpm;

Impact: First gear: 0-7650 rpm; Second gear: 0-23,800 rev/min; Third gear: 0-30,600 rpm;

Maximum drilling distance: 47 Newtons/meter; drill chuck: 13 mm;

The maximum drilling capacity for steel/wood/concrete is: 13/45/14 mm;

Weight (without battery pack): 1.7 kg.

(2) Nickel-cadmium battery pack: Voltage: 14.4 V; Capacity: 2.4 Ah; Weight: 0.7 kg.

(3) Charger: Rechargeable battery: 14.4V DC; Grid voltage: 230VAC, 50Hz;