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Multi-function deflection


This product consists of 10 heads, 2 shafts and 10 necks. The heads are: four-tooth rakes, files, wooden hammers, scissors assemblies, double hooks, steel forks, single hook guns, double hook guns, rasps, and steel files.

Standard sizes 

No. Item Specifications

1 Model name GRG-12 multi-function hook

2 Material Shank: Glass fiber tube, head: steel plate (wood hammer head material is solid wood)

3 Components Parts 2 pieces, 10 heads, 10 contractions

4 Pipe diameter Shrinkage: Rp3/4

5 Length (cm) Handle: 100

Heads: 1 Four-tooth rake 40 2 Files 70 3 Wooden hammer 40 4 Scissors assembly 60

5 double hook 35 6 steel fork 7 single / double hook gun 45 8 file 9 steel file 70