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Lucas portable multi-function pliers


Features: Portable hydraulic multi-function pliers is a multi-function tool with manual hydraulic pump, which has the functions of cutting, expanding, lifting and so on. It can be used in traffic accidents, disaster accidents, and urban rescues by cutting off metal structures, vehicle parts, pipes, and metal plates, moving and lifting obstacles, and working on top of ladders and in the field.

Product Model / Name   LKS31 (up) SC 250M (under)

Shear force              204 kN      265 kN

Cut round steel diameter * 22 mm     26mm

Expansion force            136 kN    405kN

Expansion distance         256 mm    308mm

Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 833×170×150 mm   850*190*158mm

Weight       10.9 kg     11.9kg