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Hand-held steel bar spreader


Efficient Miniature Rebar Breaker for Single Handed Operation; Convenient and Lightweight for Easy Carrying, High Maneuverability Suitable for High Altitude and Outdoor Operation, Widely Used in Fire Emergency Rescue and Other Industries; Head 360° Rotation, Suitable for Various Workplaces , cutting blade available on all four sides.

Product model dcc-1620

Maximum cutting force SD345 special-shaped steel bar 20mm

PC steel bar HRC36 18mm

Spring steel HRC52 8mm

18 v/DC electrical source

Charger power supply 220V 50-60hz battery model BSL1830

Recharge time 15 minutes battery capacity 3.0Ah

5 seconds (18mm) battery charger UC18YRSL

Weight 6.8kg (including battery)

Product size: 375*90*310mm (without handle)

One steel fastener, one charger, one battery, one plastic toolbox, one special tool, one special handle, one spare hydraulic oil bottle, one Chinese and English instruction book.