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Mobile hose reel


The manual hose reel machine has a simple structure, is easy to use and has a rapid take-up. It is the ideal tool for firefighters to clean the hose after extinguishing the fire.

First, the structure of the manual hose reel machine

1, universal wheel, 2, rocker, 3, bracket, 4, chain, 5, fixture, 6, folding bracket, 7, guide sleeve, 8, rubber wheel.

Second, use method

1. When using, first remove the manual hose reel from the car and push it to the reeling site.

2. After the foot is pressed on the caster brake, the manual hose reel machine will be fixed, the 6 folding brackets will be marked flat, and the locking screw will be locked.

3, the need to rewind the double-headed tape after the middle section of the clip at the card is good, and then the hose through the guide sleeve.

4. Shake the rocker arm, wind up the hose, and pay attention to the coiling of the hose neatly. When winding the first lap, the hose should be rewound slightly to prevent it from getting too tight when the hose is removed.

5. After closing, mark the 6 locking screws as loose. After folding the folding bracket down, remove the entire roll of water from the manual hose reel.