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JUNIOR II - Portable Compact


Model Operating Pressure Power Delivery Speed Inflation Time Motor Filter System Size

Rimi net weight

Maximum pressure 330 bar l/min * min-1 min ** kW PS TRIPLEX® LWH kg

JUNIOR II - B 4-stroke petrol 100 2300 2,0 4,0 5,5 P21 78 34 42 44

JUNIOR II - E Three-phase current 100 2300 2,0 2,2 3,0 P21 66 36 42 46

JUNIOR II - W AC 100 2300 2,0 2,2 3,0 P21 66 39 42 46

Further improvement of the filter system TRIPLEX®: P21-filter. (One condensate drain outlet, modified filter bottom, shortened housing, standard safety valve)

Condensate discharge: Manually drain the condensate through the 2 discharge valves on the P21 filter and 1 intermediate filter. Set the outlet to a relatively high position so that the condensate collecting bucket can be placed below.

All models: Fix the body with a flange in the length direction of the base, fix the hole to tighten the V-belt pulley and fix the engine, drive the engine through the V-belt, the ventilator cooling fins are plastic coated, and the adsorption telescope bracket is installed There is also a plastic coating on the outside of the engine. The handle fixed on the base is made of bent pipe, which is convenient for pulling (one end is on the engine side and one end is on the radiator side) and four rubber bases (rubber metal combined) according to German DIN 477 standard and international IS standard The 2 inflatable tube interfaces are international standard interfaces.