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Maritime satellite telephone


The IsatPhone Pro is a very durable handheld satellite phone with a protection rating of IP54 and is dustproof, splash-proof and shockproof. Easy to operate, used for Inmarsat i-4 synchronous satellite network. Can be used in various environmental conditions, such as storms, sandstorms, cold fog, scorching or sub-zero temperature environment.

Product features:

• global coverage: seamless service through the Inmarsat i-4 synchronous satellite network;

• durable and lightweight;

• features: satellite phone, voice mail, text, email, GPS location data;

• clear voice quality;

• reliable network connections;

• long battery life: 8 hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby time;

• simple use: intuitive GSM style interface, high resolution color display, convenient large keyboard design with gloves;

• 2.4 KBPS voice service, including bluetooth hands-free;

• 2.4 KBPS circuit exchange data;

• dust, splash and earthquake resistance: IP54;

• SMS messages with up to 160 characters, standard and smart text input;

• built-in GPS function (view location and text);

• compatible with MS Outlook 2007;

• connect with MS Outlook 2007 (PC) synchronously and run Windows XP Pro SP3 or Windows Vista SP1;

• languages supported: Arabic, English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.