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Motorola GM3688 Car Station


Technical parameters:

1. Provide voice compression technology and powerful 4W pre-start speaker to achieve high definition of voice. The selected 13W external speaker is suitable for the high noise environment of the public security industry.

2. 8-bit character display: large size screen with icon, convenient to quickly read the intercom status and incoming call.

3. 16-pin external attachment port: it is convenient to expand the capacity of the radio station, without tedious disassembly and rewiring.

4. User-friendly interface:

Large size control knob and channel knob are convenient and easy to operate.

Four programmable keys make it easy to call common functions.

LED status indicator light and prompt tone can clearly understand the working status of the intercom and get the call in time.

5. Voice activation transmission (VOX) : the connected Visor microphone can activate the intercom through voice control, enabling the user to drive with concentration.

6. Remote decoding of intercom: once the radio station is stolen, the dispatcher or system can remotely close the radio station to guarantee the safety.

7. The sturdy and durable structure meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of the MOTOROLA accelerated aging experiment (ALT) and us military standards 810C, D and E

8. Signaling: Quick Call II, DTMF, MDC1200

9. Power output: 1-25w

10. Weight (g/kg) : 1.01kg

11. Frequency: 136-162mhz / 146-174mhz / 403-440mhz / 488-470mhz / 465-495mhz / 490-527mhz 350-380mhz

12. Channel capacity: 64

13. External dimensions (length X width X thickness) : 44mm X 169mm X 118mm

14. Power supply: 13.8Vdc(11vdc-16.8 Vdc) negative pole vehicle ground

15. Channel interval: 12.5/20/25 kHz

16. Frequency stability: +/ -2.5 PPM

17. Working temperature: -30c to +60C

18. Seal: through IP54 rainproof and dustproof experiment.

19. Shock and earthquake resistance: up to U.S. military standard mil-std 810-c, D and E, and TIA/EIA 603

20. Stray inhibition: 70db