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Firefighters call for after-field receiving device


I. product introduction:

Tx-16 firefighter's call device in the rear field receiving device has the function of centralized integrated use, and has the function of four groups of 32 people simultaneously using and synchronous monitoring and command in the same rescue site. It has the function of remote monitoring and communication. The distance between the callers is greater than 1000m. The system can be additionally equipped with 4-5 central turntable, the maximum transfer distance is not less than 5000 meters. The device is the only one in the country that can extend four groups of 32 people simultaneously to synchronize dynamic movement, monitoring, command and data transmission.

TX - 16 firemen recco backcourt provide two versions of the software receiver, computer real-time tracking monitoring, in the form of dynamic movement in different color real-time display field personnel on standby static way, the movement way, the pre alarm way, strong way alarm, manual alarm, temperature alarm and exhale with empty supporting timing alarm mode. The pager can receive instructions in real time, respond manually in real time, and the digital tube can display the status of inspection and withdrawal in real time, providing a very reliable command basis for the commanders to judge the situation on site intuitively.

It has the function of using alone. When using alone, an alarm group of it has the function of displaying the alarm number, the sound prompt function and the response function, as well as the function of field call and retreat. The product passed the national fire equipment quality supervision and inspection center.

Ii. Product features:

1. Simultaneous monitoring and data transmission functions of four groups of 32 individuals;

2. Real name entry and editing in Chinese or English for 32 personnel on site;

3. Display the static or dynamic behavior state of 32 persons on site;

4. It has the function of timing display and temperature detection of three states within 45 seconds.

5. It has the function of cursor clicking computer single call inspection, single call retreat and manual response;

6. It has the function of cursor clicking computer group call inspection, group call retreat and manual response;

7. It has the function of timing alarm and alarm automatic cancellation with the air expiration for 30 minutes;

8. The battery voltage display on the computer screen and the low-voltage alarm function of the emergency call device;

9. It has the function of alarm monitoring and call retreat when using alone.

10. The alarm group of a distress machine shows its alarm group number;

11. The operating system has the functions of XP and CE.