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Biochemical decontamination device



DECOFOG portable biochemical decontamination device is a chemical and biological decontamination device that can be carried by a German military-industrial company. It can use GD-5 disinfectant and can be carried and operated by a single person. DECOFOG uses a jet engine to highly atomize the disinfectant, allowing the disinfectant to diffuse into very fine gaps for a short period of time to achieve disinfection. DECOFOG decontaminates all known chemical warfare agents, biological warfare agents, biological pathogens, viruses and industrial toxic gases.

Technical Parameters:

Material: Stainless steel, chemical anti-corrosion, plastic and rubber

Flow (according to nozzle type): 10 - 25 ltr./hr. < 100 μm (water).

Atomized Particle Size: < 25 μm. (oil)

Spray propulsion distance: 30 meters maximum (no wind).

Weight: 9.5 kg.

Fill with liquid weight: 14 kg.