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Poisonous、viscous liquid suction pump



Used for the suction of poisonous and harmful dangerous liquid.

Standard spare parts:

1. Strong filter system, automatically shut down when the maximum load is reached

2. Drainage pipe (oil proof)

3. 2 metal tubes half a meter long

4. Two maintenance-free suction fans

5. NT general surface dust collector (360 mm)

6, 4 meters long with curved pipe and MODULE dust absorption pipe

7. Flat folding filter (dustproof class: medium)

Technical parameters:

Air flow l/s 2x56

Vacuum degree mbar/Kpa 235/23.5

Dust chamber volume l 65

Maximum rated power W 2750

Standard inner diameter mm 40 c-id

Power line m 10

Work noise dB/A 74

19 kg weight

Dimensions (length x width x height) mm 600x480x920