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Fire blanket


The fire blanket is a specially treated glass fiber twill fabric that is as smooth, soft, tight and non-irritating to the skin as silk. Its thickness is 0.43mm. It is an ideal and effective outer protective layer for people and objects that must be far away from the heat source, and it is very easy to wrap the uneven surface of the object. It can be reused without damage and with water base. Type, dry powder fire extinguishing appliances compared: a. no expiration date; b. will not produce secondary pollution after use; c. insulation, high temperature.

There are three kinds of fire blanket specifications

They are:

(1) 1 meter * 1 meter

(2) 1.2 meters * 1.2 meters

(3) 1.8 meters * 1.2 meters

The first two specifications are suitable for extinguishing smaller fire sources. The latter specification is suitable for extinguishing large fire sources and parcels for escape. The products are packaged in fire-colored red and are packaged in red plastic boxes or red cloth bags for easy access.