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Delsar Audio Life Detector


The Canadian Delsar Life Detector is an acoustic detector designed to detect and locate survivors buried in collapsed structures due to earthquakes, explosions, landslides, mine accidents, or building depressions.

main feature

Double input improves sensor flexibility. Use two sound search probes at the same time to get a stereoscopic comparison.

Filters are used to reduce noise.

In order to form a stereo contrast in the earphone, two channels may be selected to form stereo sound.

The display panel can display the relative strength of two signals at the same time, and can accurately distinguish the strongest signals. The peak value of any signal bar indicates that the sensor reaches the maximum amplitude.

The battery can also be replaced or used rechargeable lithium batteries, and the detector's ribbon battery pack, making the detector and thousands of ambulance crews around the world standing in the same rank.

The sound sensor can be connected to the sensor cable or it can also be equipped with a telescope probe that can penetrate the interior of the rubble layer.

Technical Parameters

Omnidirectional audio sensor, detection frequency: 1~3000Hz

Simultaneously receive 2 sensor information and can simultaneously display any two sensor information

Wearable Headphone 0.13W/60Ω

CR123 lithium battery, can work for 24 hours

External DC input: 10.8-28.8V

Storage temperature: -40-70 degrees

Working temperature: -30-60 degrees

Display: 76.2x88.9x152.4mm Weight: 1kg

Sensor: 41x152mm

Sensor line length 10 meters

Carton size: 53×38×18mm

Total weight: 11.3 kg