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LIFE Radar life detector


The US Life GT45-2700 Radar Life Detector uses ultra-broadband wireless transmission technology to help fire special services or rescue personnel detect in 2-3 minutes without having to enter the site of a disaster such as an earthquake, building collapse, mudslide, or avalanche. Trapped people, complete rescue missions with maximum efficiency! The whole device is composed of a wireless detection transmitter and a palm operation display; it is small in size, light in weight, does not require probes and cables, is easy to arrange and operate, has precise positioning, is durable, and has a waterproof function; it does not interfere with other communication equipments. .

Wireless detection transmitter

◆Size: 44×44×24 cm

◆ Weight: 9.5 kg (including battery)

◆ Battery: 10.8V lithium battery, can work for up to 4h

◆ Detection distance in rubble: within 4.6 meters of breathing activity and within 6 meters of movement

◆ Rubble in the detection range: 36 m2

◆ Detection angle: 120° angle

◆ Meets the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification

◆ Operating frequency: 270 MHz

Pulse frequency range: 100-700 MHz

Handheld display

◆ PDA Pocket PC, easy to carry

◆Professional detection software integrates thousands of human respiratory heartbeat modes, making the detection result more accurate

◆ When a survivor is detected, the distance between it and the detector can be displayed

◆ Data logging can be done on site

◆Compatible with GPS Global Positioning System

◆ USB interface can be connected to the computer to transfer data

◆ Operating System: MS Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC