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Radiation detector


The inspector alert radiation detector is a portable detector, built-in high sensitivity of the latest US Bureau of Standards technology, the instrument itself with a light alarm and prompt function, can set the alarm function, and with technology and timer function, external Calibration control function is a multifunctional radiation detector.


1. Large-size, high-precision sensor provides various measurement modes such as count measurement, total count measurement, and dose rate measurement to accurately detect α, β, γ, and x-ray detection

2. 4-bit mode indication function LCD display, custom alarm function

3. Built-in data port, optional data line and dedicated software, can be connected to the computer to download analysis data

4. CE certification


Display: 4-digit LCD with mode indicator.

Average period: The display is updated every 3s to show the average of the first 30s under standard intensity. The average period decreases as the radiation intensity increases.

Measurement range: mR/hr: 0.001~100

        CPM: 0~350,000

        μSv/hr: 0.01~1,000

        CPS: 0~5,000

Sensitivity: 3340 CPM/mR/hr referenced to Cs-137

       Α-ray ≥ 2.0 MeV

       Beta ray ≥ 0.16 MeV

       Gamma Ray ≥ 10 keV

Accuracy: ±10%~±15%

Indicator light: The red count light will flash once every time one count (one ionization process) is detected

Sound alarm: Built-in buzzer (can be turned off for silent operation)

Power: 9v alkaline battery.

Temperature range: -10oC ~50oC

Specification: 150 x 80 x 30 mm

Weight: 272g (without battery)