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Emergency Rescue Command Clothing RJF-F1D


This rescue and rescue command suit USES three in one imported aramid composite fabric, which is composed of: 1) outer layer: aramid fabric; 2) PTFE high-permeability film; 3) imported viscose aramid knitted fabrics; Fabric characteristics: flame retardant, windproof, rainproof, prevent blood virus (synthetic blood penetration resistance index can reach the highest level 6), moisture breathable, moisture permeability > 6500 g / ㎡ (forced the 24 h)), etc., fully meet GA633-2006 standard, fabric index is higher than the national standard. Spray mark can be used according to user's requirement.

With bright colors of orange and red fabric, the design is reasonable.

Mixer reflective tape in chest, sleeve, bottom mouth, 360 ° visible;

The front chest, back, sleeve elbow and knee are designed to reinforce.

Two tool bags with zipper design, shoulder with epaulettes, practical and beautiful, pants also with two tool bags, zipper tightening device on the cuff and foot.