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Emergency rescue Clothing RJF-F1C


This rescue suit is made of chlorine, chlorine, cotton and has the functions of permanent flame retardant, flame retardant, waterproof, breathable, flexible, wear-resistant and applicable. Product color for wring core huang, wring and black matching beautiful generous. Meet the standard of ga633-2006 firefighter emergency rescue protective clothing.

Connected design, vertical collar, hat can be put and put.

Silver-gray reflectors are available at shoulder, front, back, back, cuff, pant, 360. Visible. Shoulder, elbow and knee are reinforced with leather.

The chest is marked with a national flag and a military logo, the waist is equipped with a rescue belt, and the sleeves are marked on both sides for removal. There is a tightening device at the cuff and at the bottom of the trousers.